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IIM-J Srinagar Off-Campus holds innovators meet



IIM-J Srinagar innovators meet

Institute’s incubation centre ThinkIN to commence work in Srinagar soon

Srinagar, Aug 27: Indian Institute of Management Jammu (IIM-J), Srinagar Off-campus organised an innovators Meet at their Nowgam campus here.

IIM-J Srinagar innovators meet


The program was organized in association with Grassroots Innovations and Agumemtation Network (GIAN), Gujarat. The program was attended by more than 20 innovators from different parts of the valley, who shared their experiences and challenges in a session that was also attended by scholars, researchers and faculty members from institutes like Harvard University, Zhejiang University, NIT Srinagar, IIM Jammu, GIAN and Kashmir University.

IIM Jammu started its off-campus in Srinagar recently and the campus is set up with an aim of broad outreach and a focus on corporate training, innovations and Entrepreneurship in the Kashmir region.

The objective of this in-house discussion was to facilitate the bottom-up narrative about local innovations. The structural and institutional challenges peripheral innovators face while scaling up their innovations were identified and documented. To nurture local innovations both from the formal and informal settings, it was agreed that a robust actor-sector collaboration will be forged.

In his welcome and concluding address, Chairman IIM Jammu’s Srinagar Off-campus Dr Muqbil Burhan assured the innovation stakeholders of the valley that IIM Jammu will offer a strong platform for local innovations, traditional industries and outstanding traditional knowledge holders and play an important role in creating an ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship in the region. Further, he said that IIM has set up an Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre at Srinagar and Jammu campuses with the sole objective of nurturing innovation and startups. The centre has also set up a business incubator with the name “ThinkIN” for startups and is going to be functional this year with the first batch of incubatees.

Dr Sheikh Fayaz Ahmad, who is currently working as an innovation researcher at Zhejiang University China, also spoke on the occasion and stressed understanding the bottom-up narrative from innovators which is a must for crafting any innovation policy. Referring to the innovation policy history, he said that the top-down policy directionality has not helped local innovations. The local narrative about innovations is always wanting. For building a robust innovation system in Kashmir he mentioned that innovators perspectives are very important.

Dr Shabir Hassan, a research scientist at Harvard Medical School while congratulating local innovations, IIM Jammu and Gian spoke about the importance of organising discussions and discourses on value-based innovations and entrepreneurship for nurturing innovation culture in Kashmir. He agreed to work with the local innovations for further value addition and scaling up. Appreciating the idea of creating innovation clubs, he suggested that local innovation stops should be set up in local universities and enterprises.

Syed Nadeem, Gian coordinator, referred to local success stories documented by his organisation from the last ten years. He said that local innovations fail to create meaningful impact precisely because of institutional hurdles. Creating pro-innovation institutions and the right incentives he believed would usher an innovation culture in Kashmir.

The meet was also attended by Prof Saad from NIT Srinagar who gave his valuable suggestion to the innovators and suggested collaboration supporting a better ecosystem for innovations in the valley. Various successful Entrepreneurs from the valley like Sheikh Iqbal (Founder, Tashawur), Ufair Aejaz (CEO & Founder KMTTI), Abdul Hamid Bhat (CEO Raheem Greens) also attended the event and interacted with the innovators on the occasions.

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CHINAR International invites business ideas from underprivileged youth



CHINAR International invites business ideas

Will provide seed capital, incubation, mentorship facilities

Srinagar, July 28: CHINAR International, a social sector organisation working for the education and economic empowerment of underprivileged children and youth, invites business ideas from the “economically disadvantaged” youth of Kashmir valley.

CHINAR International, according to a statement, will provide seed capital, mentorship, and incubation facilities under its ‘Small Business Support Project’.

The facilities will include financial assistance, business plan development, legal and technical assistance, marketing and accounting guidance, and training and development.

Do you want to own your business? Is lack of finance emerging as a challenge in your business? Do you have business ideas for generating sustainable income?  Are you struggling with your business and need support in furthering it? Do you need mentorship to translate your ideas into a profitable business? Do you want to become self-reliant and self-dependent?

The project aims to support 10 youth with a seed capital of up to Rs 1.5 lakh each with preference to candidates from low-income groups.

A candidate must be in the age group of 18-35 years with a minimum qualification of 10 pass.

An application form can be submitted online at or physically at the CHINAR International Office in Srinagar. The deadline for the submission is August 13. Complete programme details can be obtained at

For any queries, an interested person can call at +91-6005185878 or send an e-mail to [email protected].

CHINAR International is an apolitical and non-religious organisation with a mission to empower orphans, vulnerable children, and marginalized youth in conflict areas through quality education and socio-economic initiatives.

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Monetising Creativity: Blending Business & Art for Millennials



Blending Business & Art for Millennials

Without losing the art, the artist in you needs the strategy to succeed

Insha S Qazi

Blending Business with Art for Millennials You need to believe the strongest professional is the one who combines art with business.

It’s the artist who also understands how to sell himself. And the businesswoman who creates work that’s unmistakable.

When I started thinking of my profession as art, I began paying attention to how I could leave my original mark on my work.

Marketing, fundraising, product strategy, starting a startup, and even hiring — there’s an art to it all.

Being a creative rebel in this day and age is almost easy – you just need to take something you really hate or disagree with and turn it on its head. The world is much more open to this kind of thing today than it was decades ago.

For technical roles — medicine, bus driving, engineering, and so on — even if you can’t improvise within the work, your process is an art. And how you communicate and pour your heart into your work is most definitely an art.

And for artists — the writer, musician, photographer — no matter what your craft, you’re also a personal brand. For your art to thrive, it’s important to focus on growing your business the way you focus on your art.

Start with the foundation. Follow best practices. Then craft your business from the heart to add your original mark.

But here’s the paradox. The moment you become too focused on your business, some of the magic in your art gets lost.

It’s a balancing act.

It’s because there’s something magical about creating art for art’s sake. That will always be the purest place to begin. It’s why we began in the first place.

Great artists delight themselves with the creative process. They create for the joy of it, not for the money. Their passion bleeds into their business, and so they end up delighting the person on the other side.

Creating From the Heart

“I try to dig deep into the well of my subconscious. At a certain moment in that process, the lid is opened and very different ideas and visions are liberated. With those I can start making a film.”

— Hayao Miyazaki

It’s easiest to enter flow state when you create from the heart. When you’re unashamedly, honestly yourself. You have to be vulnerable and bare a bit of your soul. If you start worrying about what people may think, you’ll freeze.

Your mind takes over.

The pen, the keyboard, the camera — these are simply tools for creating your work. They are not the purest vessels of your art. Of your heart. You are the vessel. There’s no one in the world quite like you. So when you create from the heart — with as few mental filters as possible — no one else can replicate that work.

In a world where we’re constantly comparing and copying, sincerity takes us above the noise. It’s quieter up here. When we create something original that matters to us, how can it not attract the right people?

Trust yourself as the greatest vessel of your work. Use the unique DNA of your experiences, perspectives, and background. And further, use your silent hopes, fears, and purest dreams.

Business will follow the art of your life.

The creative process is a magical thing. The harder you try to be great, the more obstacles stand in the way. Let go. Stop overthinking. Come as you are. You already have everything you need. And let the magic flow.

Money is not your ultimate goal.

Thinking about the monetization of creativity, we can unwittingly replace the purpose of creativity for the purpose of money. But you do not need to enjoy money to earn it. You should use money as a tool. They will be able to renew your craft, making it viable. Of course, there is a threat to turn creativity exclusively into a business. If you do not know to make it happen, it is necessary to balance. There are no universal ways to find the golden mean, but there is an indicator. You should always ask yourself the same question: “Why am I doing this?”. If you notice that most thoughts are about money, you should give thought to.

Very few artists instantly start making money off their art without a personal network. That’s because so many customers will come to you via word-of-mouth. You can’t afford to simply put your art out there and wait for customers. Don’t be afraid to shamelessly self-promote. Ask your friends and family to help by sharing your online shop, social media profiles, and anywhere else you’re promoting your art.

An educationist, Insha S Qazi runs a fashion & design school in Kashmir. She has also authored a self help book on Marketing & Management.

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Startup idea pitching contest commences at SKUAST-K



BK News

Srinagar, Sept 28: Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences & Technology, Kashmir (SKUAST-K) in collaboration with Lemon School of Entrepreneurship, Mumbai is conducting a four-day startup idea pitching contest, ‘What an Idea’, for the students of the university.

The objective of the online contest is to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs and provide them with a mentoring platform and incubation facilities.

The inaugural event was chaired by Director Planning & Monitoring and PI NAHEP, SKUAST-K, Prof Nazir Ahmad Ganai in presence of Director Lemon School of Entrepreneurship, Mukesh Ashar, HRM Consultant for NAHEP IDP Prof Farooq Ahmad Zaki, Dr Farahanaz Rasool and Dr Naveed Bhat of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Cell of IDP SKUAST-K. The jury panel included for first two include Prof Hamid Rather, HOD, Food Sciences – SKUAST-K, Anshal Gulati, CEO, Peer Oil Pvt Ltd, J&K), Khurshid Dar, Incharge, CII J&K chapter), Dr Farahanaz Rasool SKUAST-K, Mukesh Ashar Director, LSE), Girish Raju, Lead Catalyst Business acceleration, Lemon Ideas) , Saurabh Shah, Partner -West India, Lemon Ideas).

Seven teams of students presented their ideas in front of the jury on the first day of the contest. The ideas put forward in the contest were: 1) Functional Chicken Bite – Ready to eat chicken nuggets incorporated with pectin, designed in the shape of ice-cream, High-density walnut and apple plantation, Organic Lavender cultivation,  Production of Functional Dairy Products, e-Mandi – Agricultural digital revolution, Instant conversion of human hair wastes and Poultry wastes completely into 100% novel organic liquid fertilizer ‘Kera-GroW’, breeding of ornamental fishes in cold water conditions of Kashmir.

The Lemon School of Entrepreneurship (LSE) is also conducting a three-month online programme for the SKUAST-K students on Entrepreneurship Development & Skill Building. The program was designed to train and develop entrepreneurial skills in the students to enable them to take up entrepreneurship as a career. SKUAST-K is conducting a number of programmes under World Bank-ICAR funded National Agricultural Higher Education Project for boosting innovation and entrepreneurship in the university.

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