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Attention seeking and social media



Attention seeking and social media

Keep walking towards your goals, attention will come running towards you

Misbah Farooq

‘Attention-seeking’ in psychology is considered as a personality disorder and is referred to as “Hysteria” or “Histrionic syndrome”. Individuals suffering from this syndrome have a deep thirst for attention and can go to any height to push people in their orbit. Well, this is because of some trauma faced by an individual in his childhood or maybe the result of negligence by the parents that made the child crave attention.

But what actually attention is? It’s the act of directing the mind to listen, see, understand, or notice. Besides some extreme attention seekers, every individual faces the need of having the attention of others. You couldn’t find a single society without having the desire for attention. Having functional social attention is necessary for an individual, but the point is ‘what are you doing to get it?’ Though some earn it naturally but most teenagers go to extreme lengths to get attention. They even put their lives under threat. You might have gone through various social media handles loaded with the post with legendary captions, although they might not be knowing what it actually means; their only goal is to impress people and grab their attention. We see our young boys performing various stunts with their motorcycles on roads which might put their lives under threat and we have gone through such incidents wherein many have lost their lives during performing these foolish stunts. Girls, like in every field are not lagging behind here, they too walk side by side with boys in this field too. They post their pictures, videos, dancing and all, just to push people in their orbit. They actually don’t have any idea what they are doing. This is just the thirst for attention in them which makes them to go to any length to be noticed by others. There’s a new trend in today’s younger generation that is – ‘the photoshoots’. Usually, boys but some girls are also involved in this task. They visit a particular place with fascinating beauty, scenery, even borrow cameras to click out some stunning pictures and you know for what? Just to post on their social media handles with different locations to impress others. You go through Instagram, it’s just loaded with such pictures with such a legendary saying or a quote as a caption. They don’t visit these places to explore the world, or for adventures. No, not at all. The main motive behind this is to just collect some glamorous pictures of theirs so that they would provide their followers with some new stuff with new clothes, in a new location. Doesn’t this seem foolishness to you? I mean just give it a thought; you waste your whole day just to get a picture out of it and why?? because you’re a celebrity and people are dying to have a glimpse? No, you are not; but you can be. And you’re not striving to be. Yes, you too can be but not by wasting your time on social media handles and by doing these foolish things to impress people but by working on yourself and achieving your set goals. You need to know your potential, your strengths, your weaknesses, your likes, your dislikes, set your goals and try your best to accomplish them.

Have you ever thought, why do we need attention? Why do we need to impress others? Why do we need to do the things others like? What about us? Our own desires, likes, goals? Why can’t we do the things we love? Why can’t we love our own selves just the way we want to be loved by others? You don’t need to push people in your orbit; just do the things you love and you’ll automatically get their attention. Respect yourself, your own sentiments. Love yourself, you will automatically be loved by others. Focus on yourself, your studies, your goals. You need to know your strengths and weaknesses, believe in yourself, understand yourself, spend time with yourself. You need to know that you are enough for yourself. Strive but not for attention but to accomplish your goals. Today is the time and it can never be renewed. You are in the age which has the power to make you or just break you forever. You might have seen people who have wasted their youth and are now repenting but what will they get from it? Nothing; because time has gone and it can’t be renewed. Don’t be among them. You are a gem, all you need to do is to know your potential and utilize it in the right direction. You are in the age where you are able to turn your dreams into reality. Do whatever you’ve ever dreamt of; write, read, supplicate, laugh, cry, love, play, drive, travel whatever you want but not at the cost of your future. Strive for your satisfaction not for others. Stop seeking attention and start giving; giving it to your own self. Keep going after your goals, attention will come running towards you. Know that you are enough for yourself. Make yourself a priority and trust your Creator; you will indeed reach your destination.

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Agricultural land conversion threat to J&K’s food security



Agricultural land conversion

While food security is becoming the biggest challenge worldwide, Kashmir is fast losing its agricultural land turning this already import-dependent region more vulnerable. The rampant agricultural land conversion is the biggest threat to J&K’s food security due to the scarcity of arable land and smaller farm size.

Due to unchecked and haphazard urbanization – mostly unplanned, construction of houses, shopping centres and other commercial complexes on agricultural land is a common sight wherever one moves in the Valley. Conversion of paddy fields into residential colonies and commercial complexes is happening like anything without any check from the authorities.

J&K lost more than 5 lakh kanal of agricultural land in the last five years while the government and administration look the other way. Even when J&K was a state, there was a number of bills and proposals for banning agriculture land conversion. But no concrete action has been taken so far.

However, it is not the unavailability of law but the lack of will from the administration side to stop the misuse of precious agricultural land. Legal experts believe that existing laws provide the government with enough teeth to act and stop the menace but due to the land mafia blind eye is turned on the burning issue.

As J&K is already 50 percent deficit in food and depends on the import of rice and wheat from the northern Indian states, which are also facing a shortage in production due to droughts and other reasons, acquiring food grains may become a nightmare for J&K soon.

It is high time for the government to act swiftly and sincerely not only to bring laws for ceasing the conversion of the agricultural land but also to take all the measures that can enhance food production in the UT. Farm owners and people associated with food cultivation must be encouraged by providing them different benefits so that they will find it more lucrative to retain the land for food production instead of converting it.

If provided enough incentives and helped with scientific methods and modern technology, farming can become a lucrative occupation in J&K. Per hectare production is still 10 to 15 times lower than the agriculturally developed places in the world. Increased growth can not only turn J&K self-sufficient in food but can also enhance the living standard of about 70 percent of the population, whose livelihood is dependent on agriculture.

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Tribute to grandmother



Person with Social Isolation Schema

A Person with Social Isolation Schema

Hikmat Yar


“There comes a point in your life when you realize;
Who matters,
Who never did,
Who won’t anymore,
And who always will.
So, don’t worry about people from your past, there’s a reason why they didn’t make it to your future.”
― Adam Lindsay Gordon


When I was a kid, my grandmother always used to tell me about her life experiences, her childhood, her married life, family, relatives, her struggle to sustain, and moreover about her friends.

As a kid, I was unable to understand the meaning of those messages, but it was always the tone, style of narration and above all the melodious voice which used to hook me to her stories. The messages being conveyed used to carry the life in revealed form and the interpretation of its stages. She used to share with me the experience of being a lone fighter in the battle against the physical and material world.

She made me understood that ‘one neither has an eternal companion nor has strong support but rather a fragile and weak shoulder which keeps bending with time and then breaks off, further the bitter, but the true essence of life is recognizing yourself. The haste never adds beauty to it rather spoils and makes it homogenous to an extent that one cannot separate the two.

As a kid, I kept asking my grandmother, ‘why people left her? Was it because she wasn’t good or was it because they too were fed up with existence or what?’ The grandma used to silence me by saying: ‘I wasn’t good for all of them.’

Grandmother made me understand that we humans besides hating each other have a weak creed of loving somebody to the moon once in a lifetime. We always tend to stay, walk, talk and laugh with that person whatever the circumstances.

My conversations always concluded with the sentence: ‘Did you find that person in your life grandma?’ The response always used to be “No, not yet”. Grandma knowing it well that time reveals everything as per the demand and the time demanded to keep me in deception. She somehow told me about the arrival of that person who will stay by her side eternally and that person she was talking about never came in my presence.

I know now who that person is and why he will never cease to love her but knowing this; jubilation took a back seat in my life. I also understood that if the same would have been revealed to me at that time, I would have cried a lot.

June 21, 2021 was the day when my grandma met her eternal love, never to return. She left us, she left us all, the same way as she was left alone by her close ones.

Recapitulating again her stories, I now know what she was telling me in my childhood. Now, I understand and can interpret all her stories what exactly she meant. My grandmother was suffering from social isolation schema. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find out what these feelings are all about.

Social isolation schema is a mental phenomenon where Individuals experience certain forms of disconnection or rejection which in turn develops one or more of these schemas: abandonment, mistrust/abuse, emotional deprivation, defectiveness/shame, and social isolation.

All she told me about her dealings with people around was full of negativities. In her stories, I found only pain, loneliness, cunningness, longingness, mistrust, deception, dishonesty, disloyalty and above all hypocrisy rather than something good.

In her life, she faced all types of adversities, but her positive approach in dealing with all this is a forever lesson for me. “Ath Lagan Jigre te myane gaasha dunya chunna pewaan basawun, natte diyyan ne nebbar nearne” which meant, it takes courage to face all this, besides people around will not let you live. These teachings taught me that you don’t always get roses, thorns accompany you too.

I remember a story in which she told me that once there was a man who looked towards the sky in the night. The man fell in love with the stars and thought these are his friends. The man used to wave his hand towards the sky when stars twinkle, thinking that these stars are talking with him. The stars became part of his life. The man was happy with his new friends. One night, he looked into the sky and found there where no one among his friends in the sky. The man waited for many days but no one returned. Deeply sad and depressed, the man started cursing his fate.

One night in his dream he saw these stars laughing at him. Angrily he told the stars why they are laughing at him and his response was: ‘O man, why you fell in love with us when you know we can’t stay for anyone? It is in our nature to fade away and we survive like this. Moreover, nature has reached its heights of perfection in the form of humans and know it, you human beings attain the peak of perfection in individual consciousness. Be always conscious in your life. Don’t curse your existence, you humans are unique, love yourself, and be human.’

All I could understand from the advice of my grandmother is that don’t get attached to anyone in this life as no one will stay always with you. You have to live this life all alone. Make your ends meet by yourself and make it to the end. You will gradually but certainly come to know that who and what matters and vice versa. People come and go, consider it a mere routine. Just live and let people live.

My grandmother besides having a notion of social isolation schema dealt with it all alone, perhaps because she had already understood how to deal with all this.

We all have our own thesis of our lives, our experiences serve us as antithesis, and we have to synthesize our lives based upon our experiences. We have to learn things with each passing time sort out the good and bad and then relearn to make this life better. This activity of building and tearing itself apart, to rebuild itself is the life of being.“Act as if the maxim of your action were to become by your will a universal Law of nature”- Immanuel Kant.

Author is a Mass Communication and Journalism pass out from the University of Kashmir’s Media Studies Department. He can be contacted at: [email protected]


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National Statistics Day: Status of ‘End Hunger’ in J&K



Status of ‘End Hunger’ in J&K

Altaf Hussain Haji

Crowdfunding for businesses in J&KHunger is a burning issue for every UN member country. This is the reason that commemorations of this year’s National Statistics Day in our country has been aligned to create awareness about hunger as per the UN target of Sustainable Development Goals. In India, Statics Day is celebrated every year on June 29 in remembrance of Prof  PC Mahalanobis for his contribution in the field of economic, planning and statistics. The theme of this year Statistics Day, June 29, 2021, is ‘End Hunger, Achieve Food Security and Improved Nutrition’. Hunger and malnutrition badly affect the development and wellbeing of the States/UTs of the nation and the progress of the reduction of percentages of hunger at the national level is still off track. Jammu and Kashmir is also among one of the UTs where hunger exists as per the current report of SDG released by the government of India. There is also a long road ahead to reduce hunger and malnutrition by or before 2030 in Jammu and Kashmir.

Undernourishment, malnutrition and wasting are different ways of hunger found in every country in the world. Undernourishment occurs when people do not intake enough calories to meet minimum physiological needs. Malnutrition is caused when the peoples have an inadequate intake of protein, energy and micronutrients. The third way of hunger is wasting which usually the result of starvation or disease of acute malnutrition with substantial weight loss.

 Status of ‘End Hunger’ in J&K

As we know that second goal of Sustainable Development with agenda Zero Hunger is one of the important goals out of 17 Sustainable Development Goals. It is to mention here that the United Nations (UN) General Assembly held on September 25,  2015, adopted the document titled “Transforming our World with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”.  The SDGs are a comprehensive list of global goals integrating social, economic and environmental dimensions of development. Zero Hunger is the second Sustainable Development Goal (SDG2) with the aim to end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. The SDG2 has 7 targets such as beneficiaries covered under the National Food Security Act (NFSA), 2013, children under five years who are underweight, children under five years who are stunted, pregnant women and adolescents aged 10- 19 years who are anaemic, the rice and wheat produced annually per unit area (Kg/Ha) and Gross Value Added (constant prices) in agriculture per worker (in lakhs/workers)  to measure the availability of food, improvement in nutrition and promotion of sustainable agriculture respectively.

The composite index score of the UT Jammu and Kashmir in SDG-2 goal has improved by 8 points from 62 in 2019-20 to 70 in 2020-21 as per SDG report 2020-21 released by NITI Aayog.  The UT Jammu and Kashmir among the Seven States and four UTs bagged a position in the category of Front Runners and said as the increase in overall score, the Jammu and Kashmir in Sustainable Development Goals will achieving Zero hunger in time.

Here are some indicators of Jammu and Kashmir in comparison at national level figure regarding the progress of End hunger by or before 2030 of the agenda of SDGs.

At the national level the percentage of beneficiaries covered during 2019-20 under the National Food Security Act, 2013 ((NFSA) is 99.51 percent and for UT Jammu and Kashmir, it is 97.02 percent achievement as the target fixed to achieve it 100 percent by 2030.

At the national level, the percentage of children under five years who are underweight is 33.4 percent and for UT Jammu and Kashmir, it is 13 percent as the target to reduce it 1.9 percent.

At the national level, the percentage of children under five years who are stunted is 34.7 percent and for UT Jammu and Kashmir, it is 15.5 as the target to reduce it 6 percent.

At the national level, the percentage of pregnant women aged 15-49 years who are anaemic is 50.4 percent and for UT Jammu and Kashmir, it is 38.1 as the target is to reduce it  25.2 percent.

At the national level, the percentage of adolescents aged 10-19 years who are anaemic is 28.4 percent and for UT Jammu and Kashmir, it is 15.8 as the target is to reduce it to 14.2 percent.

The rice and wheat produced annually per unit area (Kg/Ha) was found 2995.21 Kg/Ha at the national level and for UT Jammu and Kashmir it is 2339.65 Kg/Ha as the target is to achieve it 5322.08 Kg/Ha

The Gross Value Added (constant prices) in agriculture per worker (in Lakhs/worker) was calculated as 0.71 at the national level and for UT Jammu and Kashmir, it is 0.88   as the target is to achieve it 1.22.

The above indicators pertaining to Jammu and Kashmir showed that there is still a long road ahead to reduce hunger and malnutrition by or before 2030 in Jammu and Kashmir and it is too difficult to achieve or reduce targets due to disturbance and law and order situation, unique features and a strategic location. Further, the index score at the national level for end hunger is 47 while UT Jammu and Kashmir have 71 which seems that the situation is somehow better.

As UT Jammu and Kashmir have unique features and a strategic location, the speedy sustainable development of Jammu and Kashmir needs an integrated approach. The top priority of the government should be to create a secure environment by improving the law and order situation. State finance should also receive proper attention in order to ensure better fiscal management. A sound policy should be devised to exploit the potential in the sectors of strength. In a nutshell, sound policy and good governance can lead the UT of Jammu and Kashmir to a faster development path and is able to achieve the SDGs well in time. Further, there should be a sizable increase in the utilisation of funds for rural development schemes in the UT and the pace of implementation of programmes needs to be accelerated.

Also, efforts are needed for the development of infrastructure, generation of employment and alleviation of poverty in rural areas to bring about the desired socio-economic development of Jammu and Kashmir.  There is also an urgent need to undertake an impact assessment study of the schemes implemented by the government on the socio-economic conditions of the people. Such a study would help in assessing the ground realities of the impact of various schemes on the social and economic conditions of people inhabiting these areas.

At the last, I want to mention here that by working on SDG2 last few years, the measures are taken such as promoting sustainable agriculture, supporting small-scale farmers and creating equal access to land, technology and markets in order as a fundamental rule to the eradication of hunger in Jammu and Kashmir, a number of initiatives have been taken by the Government of India and UT government to ensure food for all and has launched food security programmes owing to the National Food Security Act, 2013. The stress on sustainable agriculture may be observed from the fact that one of the missions under the National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) is the National Mission on Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA). In the end, as per the current report, UT Jammu and Kashmir have made significant progress in the area of food security despite having several challenges.

Altaf Hussain Haji, ISS, is Deputy Director General National Statistical Office, Shimla. He can be contacted at [email protected]


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