India’s wholesale price inflation further rises to 1.55% in November



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Srinagar, Dec 14: India’s year-on-year wholesale price inflation rose to 1.55% in November as compared to 1.48% in October, according to data released by the Government of India on Monday.

The rate of inflation as per the monthly wholesale price index (WPI) stood at 1.55% for the November this year as compared to 0.58% during the same month last year.

However, the food inflation based on WPI Food Index decreased for the constant second month to 4.27% as compared to 5.78% in October and 7.19% for September year-on-year.

Manufactured products, which have a weightage of more than 64% in the WPI, reached inflation of 2.97%, highest in last many months, as compared to 2.12% and 1.87% in October and September respectively. The rise in WPI of manufactured goods indicates the strengthening of manufacturing output.

The primary article inflation for November cooled down to 2.74% as compared to 4.74% in October. However, the fuel and power segment of WPI witnessed negative inflation of 9.87%, with a slight increase as compared to minus 11% in October.

The provisional WPI figures released are later on revised after 10 weeks.

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